Nidri Waterfalls

The Waterfalls of Nidri is one of the most impressive sights in Lefkada, an actual monument of natural beauty. To get there, you will use a wooden ladder. If you follow and the second staircase, you will find yourself in even bigger waterfalls and a lake where you can do some diving.


Dimosari Waterfalls

You will find it ten minutes away from Nidri. There you will find the first waterfalls. You can enjoy a breathtaking scenery if you continue hiking in nature for another twenty minutes. The Waterfall of Dimosari is another impressive sight of the island of Lefkada, which worths visiting.


Gramophone Museum

The Phonograph Museum in Lefkada is located on the main street of the old town of the island. It is one of the most unique attractions of the island of Lefkada since in it you can see a remarkable collection of gramophones and musical instruments. You will also find a numerous folklore items such as cards, jewelery, photographs, embroidery, tools and coins.

Scorpio island

Scorpio island

Scorpio is a small island just opposite Nidri in Lefkada. It is a green island with rich natural beauty. It is the famous island where spent his summers Aristotelis Onasis and has hosted major celebrities of the political, artistic and business world.

The rock of Lefkata

The rock of Lefkata

A cape associated with ancient myths, love stories with tragic endings and rituals of purification, that of Lefkada at the southern tip of Lefkada, was declared an archaeological site to be protected from all kinds of interventions as "civilization" is getting closer and closer to , once upon a time, peninsula.

Nirikos ancient city

The archaeological site contains the ruins of the ancient Lefkada, dating back to the Archaic to Roman times. There you will find the two cemeteries of the ancient city, individual monuments and construction ruins like graves, farmhouses and port facilities. The ancient city was abandoned around 1300, and then continued earthquakes almost annihilated it.


Pantokratora's church

The church of Pantokratoras in Lefkada is one of the important historical and religious sites in the island. Inside you can admire paintings of famous painters and rare pictures. It was built in 1864 and belonged to the family of the poet Valaoritis. In fact, inside the church area there is also the tomb of the famous poet.


"Papanikoli" cave

It is a sea cave located in Meganissi and has a depth of about thirty meters with a little fairy sand inside. It is said that was used during the Second World War as a base of the submarine "Papanikolis". Another legend says that here found shelter during the Turkish occupation a priest with his disciples, to escape from the pirates.

Agia Mavra Castle

Agia Mavra Castle

The Castle of Agia Mavra is the castle you meet at the entrance of the city of Lefkada. Founded in the 13th century by the Frankish ruler John Orsini. It was created to protect the area from pirate raids and the Turks. In the yard of the castle you will find the church of Agia Mavra.

Lefkada's Lagoon

Lefkada's Lagoon

The lagoon in Lefkada has been identified as hydro biotope and has special ecological significance since it hosts a variety of species of flora and fauna and is a landmark for many rare birds. It is located within the city of Lefkada and really worth a visit on your vacation.